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External link opens in new tab or windowHorus. 48 inches x 46 inches. Cast Forton. Artist: Glenn Scott Michaels.

Horus (Reconciliation)

Artist: Glenn S. Michaels, Phoenix, AZ  2021

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Non sequitur

It is not enough to want peace or even to pray for peace.  Peace is the product of hard, tedious, and often painful effort.

The raw ore of self-awareness, scattered or buried in our own lives, must be gathered, stored, protected. The ore must be rid of impurities, a laborious process, however it is done.

The final product is just our better selves, but none better than any other.
Ultimately, we are obliged - positively driven, I believe -  to freely share the results of this exhausting labor with all whom we encounter, no questions asked!
Ironically, though peace is precious and costly, it can't be purchased. It can only be earned and gifted.

When enough of us have learned this lesson, peace will prevail.

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